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Fedora for Desktop…on a USB stick

I have been an Ubuntu guy for most of the time I have been a Linux user. Documentation is extensive, and if you are fond of having actual books for future reference, it is a great choice (I have to see the first book on Arch Linux, but who needs a book with its awesome documentation website, right?). Interestingly enough, Fedora was the first Linux-based OS I used, and I actually ran Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3 (for a while, at least), an RPM-based distro geared toward the Power architecture.
Because I was not ready to replace my Ubuntu desktop yet, I installed Fedora 25 Workstation in a USB 3.0 stick, and it has been rock solid so far. It has been interesting to learn some command equivalents, coming from a Debian-based distro, but I am impressed with its performance, especially when running from a USB. All the goodies of Linux like Lyx, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, R and RStudio are available, and I think its implementation of GNOME is wonderful, which made the upgrade to the lastest Ubuntu LTS version without Unity. less traumatic.
if you want to take Fedora for a spin, you can download it here. More detailed instructions about installing a Fedora live stick can be found here.

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