Linux Distributions

Ubuntu (Linux distribution, one among many but it works great for me

Fedora (free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, coveted by developers, and Linus Torvalds' favorite distro)


Android Studio (integrated development environment for Android mobile application development)

Python (high-level programming language, very popular in data science circles)


R (free statistics package, very extensible)

R Studio (integrated development environment for R)

EpiInfo (free software packages for epidemiology and public health, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


PostgreSQL (open source relational database)

MySQL (free relational database if you choose the community edition

Data Visualization

Tableau (interactive data visualization

Gephi (graph and network visualization


GIMP (image manipulation program)

Scribus (professional desktop publishing, great to create posters)

LyX (graphic interface for Tex/LaTeX)

JabRef (open source bibliography reference manager)